Bendigo Bank – Product Sales

Bendigo bank is leading bank in Australia operating primarily in retail banking sector. The bank offers a number of products and services including insurance, personal and business loans, travel and international payments, superannuation, retirement, financial planning among others.

The bank offers a number of services through more than 900 outlets besides ATMs and partner branches. The organisation has a huge customer base, where the regular customer visits to bank to meet their financial needs. The client chose to cash on this opportunity to sell more products. This prompted the client to opt for an eLearning course that would train its employees to not only sell products but also converse with customers effectively.

Most importantly, the client required an eLearning solution that would help the bank’s staff understand customers’ needs in advance and suggest products accordingly. A detailed learning strategy was created to develop the Bendigo Bank – Product Sales program.


Cognigix’s Solution for Product Sales

The design team of Cognigix devised a custom eLearning solution. This solution provided learners with an engaging learning experience and within the client’s budget.

    • Sales Simulation: The eLearning course was designed as a simulation. Cognigix requested the client to provide bank’s photographs and developed rich graphics based on these photographs. This provided learners with an experience very close to the real-life environment they work in every day.


    • Scenario-based Learning: The course included customers and bankers. The learners who played the role of bankers were required to go through a series of customer interaction scenarios. Each scenario offered learners with choices they could make to take a decision. Taking the optimal decisions helped learners sell the product at the end of the simulation.


    • Decision-based Scoring: Learners’ progress was tracked and scored throughout the simulation based on the competencies required to sell the product. Each choice made by the learners affected their scores and the probability of the next scenario that would be presented to them.


    • Technological Enhancements: To provide learners an engaging learning experience, the technology team of Cognigix devised sophisticated technological enhancements. This included providing learners with a dynamic customer response based on their decisions and the scoring functionality that tracked learners on a number of competencies.


Positive results

    • • A significant improvement was observed in the employees’ product-selling skills.
    • • More employees started offering products to the customers by proactively understanding their financial needs.
    • • Increased growth was achieved by expanding the employee’s service role to include product selling.
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