Learning as a Service (LaaS)

Many enterprises find the task of developing diverse training and just-in-time (JiT) learning solutions overwhelming. Cognigix comes to aid here! We help you address the training demand, digitize the content, and ensure standardization in content and delivery. We also help you reduce costs and dependencies, offer technology services, and upskill or reskill your employees. 

From design and development to online delivery and learning adoption, we seamlessly integrate various essentials of digital learning to provide a comprehensively managed solution.

In short, we take care of every aspect of our clients’ L&D needs.

What Do We Offer via LaaS?

We design, develop, deliver, support, and measure the digital learning journeys for you.

End-to-End Design and Development

We employ a consultative design approach and create learning blueprints, learning micro design, and customized e-Learning solutions. The solutions could be courses or training, micro-learning units or nuggets, mobile learning, digitalization of ILT, gamified learning, and blended learning. Our expert team analyzes clients’ requirements and proposes effective solutions. The team also helps in deploying courses or training, onboarding clients, and addressing clients’ technical challenges.

Digital Content Development and Curating

We offer a variety of services in digital content development and curating. We also incorporate a range of modalities from interactive video content to gamified learning experiences and more. We strive to develop enriched and engaging learning content in line with the learning goals.

Online Delivery

Our learning delivery app facilitates the delivery and distribution of various types of digital content to a large audience with minimal setup and infrastructural requirements. Our expert team also develops content for any operating system or platform. Learners learn anytime, anywhere.

LMS Administration, Customization, and Maintenance

We have the expertise to develop content for your LMS. We can also provide you with an effective LMS. Above all, we develop effective approaches to leverage the full value of an LMS, simplify processes, and train your LMS administrators to perform tasks such as changing templates, updating content, tracking results, and more. 

We also customize an LMS and its capabilities to help you achieve your objectives. Further, we offer LMS maintenance services for integrating version updates or systems, maximizing usage, ensuring high performance and speed, and addressing other technical or functional requirements.

Learning Adoption and Support

From enrollment and onboarding to follow-ups for completion and reminders, reward campaigns, and program-related communication, we take care of the learners on their digital learning journey and offer helpdesk, personalized learning assistance, and admin teams to ensure faster learning delivery and a higher percentage of adoption.

LaaS is truly a one-stop solution for your digital learning needs. Get in touch with us to know more.

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