Tally: Software Training

 The Need

  • To create specialized and customized e-Learning courses on Tally for students and professionals
  • To ensure consistent content delivery and standardization
  • To demonstrate the various functions of Tally

 Our Solution

  • We proposed a systems training that demonstrates the steps for using the various functions of Tally.
  • The e-Learning format ensures consistent delivery and standardization.
  •  By using rich multimedia and Level 3 interactivity, we made the training engaging.
  •  We created multilingual versions of the training to address the needs of learners from diverse backgrounds.


  • The e-Learning modules demonstrate the steps for using the various functions of Tally and help students and professionals learn the software comprehensively.
  • The course on TallyPrime, the latest version of the software, is unique.
  • The modules are making Tally remarkably easy to learn and application-centric.

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