Curriculum and Content Development

Our multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts, instructional designers, and graphic designers develop curriculum and content for K-12, higher education institutions, and publishers, and ensure compliance with institutional, state, and federal standards.

Course Development

We develop courses for diverse instructional needs in multiple languages and employ learning design approaches that encourage critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, information synthesis, knowledge gain and retention, and more. Our courses provide an engaging learning experience and help learners achieve instructional objectives. 

Video Development

We develop diverse types of animations based on learning needs. We often employ story-based or narrative approaches to explain concepts in literature, social sciences, history, and other courses, and whiteboard animations to teach math and technical courses. We work with institutions to develop live action videos, too.

Gamified Learning

Our multi-skilled team has designed and developed gamified learning solutions to address several types of instructional needs:

Our games are engaging solutions that have helped learners learn holistically.

Engaging Labs

We employ experiential learning approaches to develop engaging labs in the e-Learning environment. The labs provide learners with an exploratory environment where they explore and learn comprehensively. 

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