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E-learning For Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a complex sector that is always evolving, with extremely high stakes. Therefore, healthcare professionals need to stay current on advancements in diagnosis, drugs, procedures and treatment....

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Ways To Use Virtual Reality In The Retail Industry

A rapidly evolving technological environment continues to change businesses at an incredible rate of speed. The rise of eCommerce and supply chain challenges have deeply impacted retail and helped push...

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Mobile Learning For Sales Training

Technological innovation has opened up a completely new world of possibilities for employees at work, and tech-savvy employees are ideally positioned to drive innovation and create new ideas. Corporate working...

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Scenario-Based Learning

The objective of every eLearning course is to empower learners with long-lasting knowledge. Scenario-based learning is an effective approach to engage employees and change their behaviour by teaching them to...

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How To Prepare Your Organization For Digital Transformation

Technology is rapidly evolving and has played an integral role in helping organizations overcome recent challenges and adapt to new ways of working. The digital transformation was already on the...

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Metaverse In E-Learning

When Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, the term metaverse became a buzzword overnight. In addition to generating excitement, this concept has garnered interest in its potential to impact...

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Virtual Reality for Health & Safety Training

Every organization needs to prepare the workforce for rapidly evolving world of technology and industries. Safety training at workplace is as important as workplace safety. Despite all safety precautions, no...

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How Can Videos Diversify The Learning Process

In the modern era, information technology advances have played a significant role in bringing about a change in the behaviour and attitude of learners.  With the reducing attention span of...

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