Learning Tree


The Digital Learning Tree hosts learning plan for its users in the required sequence, deploys digital learning content of all kinds, integrates a variety of learning delivery channels, onboards various learning artifacts and employs innovative digital learning strategies.

Native Mobile App


A fully functional native mobile App built from scratch for iOS and Android devices which provides seamless transition among the devices – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Learning Channel Integration


Our unique design of the App includes Digital Learning Nuggets (video, audio, text), eLearning, live virtual classroom, online assessment, online coaching, MOOCS, online games and simulation, virtual labs, OJT, blogs and wikis, informal and interactive learning, flipped instructor-led classroom, self-learning channels & and other Digital Learning Technologies.

Virtual Classroom


The feature-rich virtual classroom facilitates complete learner-instructor exchange including online whiteboarding, annotations, live polling, document exchange, screen-sharing and yes, online facilitation of role plays, case analysis, group discussion and activities and exercises.

Dashboard and Reports


Program Managers, coordinators, administrators and other client designated executives get real-time at-a-glance view through graphically-represented dashboards for quick overview and deep-dive reports with integrated graphics for further analysis of the program status, learners’ progress and performance and impact analysis on pre-determined parameters.

Badges and Certificates


Learners earn badges for a wide range of activity on the App including learning plan completions, reaching defined milestones, performance evaluation based on quizzes and assignments, participation in forums and live sessions, peer recognitions, faculty praises, post and much more.

Surveys, Assessments, Feedback, Quizzes


The App allows creation of online surveys and assessment using advanced technology, comprehension quizlets and tests, self-grading of content, feedback on learning sessions and dipstick studies from the Learners and their stakeholders.



The advanced Digital Learning Forum feature built in the App facilitates insight sharing, peer learning, knowledge exchange, group tasks, case discussions, topic postings, live discussions and group assignment completion among others. In addition to this, Forum also allows for sharing of videos, audios, pictures, links and documents.

Chatbot, Query and Helpdesk


Technical and general support is available through state-of-the-art Chatbot and Helpdesk comprising email, text message and call and Learning support is available using Query that can be sent with specific questions to Program Director, faculty members, Program coordinator or Program Manager.



The App has built-in multiple communication channels including e-mail, SMS, calls and notifications. These can be configured for automatic sending at various milestones of the Learning Journey.

Language Localization


The first and only digital learning tool globally that allows for localization in multiple Indian languages. From web and mobile interface to Learning Journey and Learning Channels everything can be localized to the preferred language of the Learner.



All the information exchanged between various devices is secured with 128 bits encryption. We use SSL throughout the site and all of its sub-domains.