"a tastefully developed feature-rich app that creates a perfect learning environment”

Learning on the Go

The cognigix learning app provides the best in class learning solution that can be customized as per the learners needs and is available in a cross-platform solution. The learning pathway of the learners is automatically monitored ensuring that trainers can create and provide the content that is most suited to the learners’ needs. The learning app is compact and allows 24*7*365 access to the shared content. Our learning app learns from your employees learning behavior and sends out the kind of content that is most suited to your favorite learning practices. The learning tree approach that we use ensures that no part of the learning program is left out and the learner progresses in the desired sequential way.

Learner Friendly Feel of App

The features of our learning app are easy to use and highly efficient. The UI/UX experience is need-oriented making the learners feel rewarded for having used such a user-friendly app. The app ensures that the complete learning cycle is selfpaced and the learners’ growth is tracked in real-time. This helps in better learning outcomes for the employees and ensures that the learning goals are achieved within time and while at the same time ensuring that the employee is fulfilling the job responsibilities. The mobile app ensures that the learning material is made available in the most palatable forms.

Optimised Learning Experience

The learning experience is better than ever before. It helps the learners to make the most out of the spending that the training organization undertakes. The mobile app is compatible with both android and Ios operating systems making learning on exportable as devices easy as it gets. The assessment needs are all automated and it is possible to gauze the learning pathway and the learning growth of the employees. Thus the app offers an objective way to fulfil the learning needs of an organization.

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