Bank of Baroda – Enhance Product Knowledge

Bank of Baroda is a state-owned Indian banking and financial services company. The bank offers a number of personal and corporate banking services including deposits, loans, credit cards, debit cards, wealth management services, SME banking and foreign currency loans. The bank has a presence in more than 25 countries through branches, subsidiaries and joint ventures.
The bank has a number of products and more than 21,000 bankers to meet the customers’ requirements. The bank has a robust infrastructure in place to provide the employees with information about various banking products. However, the client required a solution that would provide this information in the most engaging way possible without affecting the budget.

Cognigix’s Solution for Enhance Product Knowledge

Bank of Baroda wanted a learning solution which can help their employees understand the product features and analyze the customers’ profile. Cognigix created a learning solution to engage the employees and enhance their product knowledge. A detailed learning strategy was created to develop the Bank of Baroda – Enhance Product Knowledge program.

    • Scenario-based Learning: The eLearning program was spread across a number of modules. Each module educated learners about a product using scenario-based learning approach. The scenarios involved characters that represented customers, senior bankers and newly joined employees depending on the module’s requirements.


    • Multi-device Accessibility: The client required the eLearning solution to be accessible across devices. This was to ensure that the employees could not only access the program wherever they are but also according to their schedule.


    • Additional Features: To help learners move across screens easily, the technology team of Cognigix incorporated an index feature. This feature ensured flexibility in terms of accessing different segments of the module easily.


Positive Results

    • • The target audience learned about various products in one of the most engaging way.
    • • The eLearning solution that met the client’s requirements within the required budget.

The eLearning solution’s effectiveness and Cognigix’s feedback exchange and implementation process was highly appreciated by the client. As a result, the client didn’t stop here and partnered with Cognigix to develop another set of modules. The team of Cognigix delivered the new modules with the same zeal. We are proud to be the learning and design partner of Bank of Baroda.

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