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Have you seen a remarkable performance improvement after a training session? If not, have you identified the reason? What steps did you take to improve employee performance? Did you conduct a comprehensive learning need and gap analysis and create a learning blueprint for your employees and the organization? What kinds of solutions did you conceptualize based on the blueprint? Have you evaluated them and the outcomes? If you are unsure, you need better insights into your training program. 

Our proficient team works with clients and achieves these critical goals:

Customized E-Learning

We design and develop cutting-edge training for onboarding, sales, systems, leadership, process training, product, technical, insurance, financial services, and more. We provide solutions to diverse industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, insurance, energy and environment, utilities, technology, financial services, retail, hospitality, and telecommunications.

Our experienced team recommends the best modality for training based on the objectives, content, employee needs, deployment, et al. The modality could be web-based training with assessments, gamified learning, animations, live action videos, or any other form proposed in an exclusive or blended way.

Video Development

We understand the need for a quick and effective learning strategy for today’s learners. Videos as a learning solution have been gaining traction among learning and development professionals. We design bite-sized microlearning solutions such as learning animations and live-action videos to help employees learn the sales process, gain systems knowledge, understand compliance requirements, and more. We also develop 360⁰ videos for product showcase and marketing.

Immersive Learning

It provides learners with an engaging environment that is highly interactive. Immersive learning is increasingly being used in corporate organizations for employee training and development purposes. We at Cognigix design and deliver customize immersive environments through approaches like Simulations, Game-based learning, Augmented/Virtual reality and 360 degree videos.

Mobile Learning

The way learners consume content has changed. By considering anytime anywhere access; multi-device access; and just-in-time learning needs, we design and develop interactive, engaging mobile learning solutions that focus on continuous learning and business goals.

Translation and Localization

We translate and localize courses or training for clients in diverse geographies. Our resource pool of native translators translates content and our localization experts localize courses to meet client requirements.

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