Maharashtra Police: Training on Applying Emotional Intelligence to Handle Unruly Situations

The Need

To develop a course for the Maharashtra police personnel on applying emotional intelligence to handle unruly situations 

Our Solution

  • We created a customized digital module in Marathi using the faculty of Maharashtra police.
  • We also created a multilingual learning app for police training in Marathi.
  • The module and app made the training self-paced and ensured anywhere, anytime, convenience-based access for the busy police personnel.
  • We provided end-to-end design and development.
  • Our content also has diverse scenarios or situations that help the police personnel understand and apply emotional intelligence to handle unruly situations.


  • A large number of the Maharashtra police personnel were trained on applying emotional intelligence to handle unruly situations in a limited time.
  • The e-Learning module received more than 95% positive rating on all evaluation parameters.
  • The average adoption (online module completion) rate is 90%.
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