Your Best Training Delivered Would Be Useless If Is Unused By The People

Learning and development or skill training concerning any organization play an exigent and imperative role in the growth towards the ultimate productivity of the organization as the employees develop a healthy mindset for their work. The skill training also uplifts the confidence of the employees which results in ease of the work as well as a healthy working environment. Therefore, it is a crucial decision to ascertain and apply a methodical strategy for the deployment of the training. Digital learning program the odds of engaging and preferred content delivered through preferred channels such as videos, activities, games, etc.

An ideal digital learning program should enable effective yet flexible content, engage with the learner, and of course, educate well.

But What if the training program delivered rightly is not adopted rightly by the learners?

We’ll answer that question later but first, let us see what does adoption mean. Digital adoption is a learning mechanism for conceding individuals:

a) to understand the potential of the digital learning program.

b) to acquire and utilize such learning services to enhance their skills and achieve their goals

c) to leverage digital learning technology to the fullest to drive innovation and optimize processes.

Adoption of the learning program is easier done than said. Yes, you can go back and re-read it to see if you read it right. So, if you are determined to follow certain simple strategies for a 100% adoption rate, it is really possible as we have done it for our clients.

Although the approach of digitalization and digital learning presents the best cost-effective strategy for teaching and learning, the success of these modifications primarily depends on their adoption. Investing in any digital learning program alone by different companies and organisations are not enough as its full benefits can only be realized from their full adoption. Digital Learning Technologies if well utilized have the capacity to enhance learners problem-solving skills, eliminate uncertain emotions, support lifelong learning, reduce costs and increase efficiency at corporate learning.

The answer to the question asked before in regards to adoption is that we can make our clients adopt the learning program with strategical efforts and methodologies:

  • Learning assistant- This explains adding a human touch to self-learning programs. A team which is dedicated to urging the learners and driving the learning program. Service and support of high quality are important and this dedicated team for adoption ensures that with regular reminders, encouraging client participation in content delivery, organising training launch events and many other vital tasks.
  • A mix of learning methods- As mentioned before, a learner’s learning trends are distinct from one another. Implying a mix of learning methods for every learner’s learning patterns which will allow the content to be more engaging. Instructional design is the entire process of analysis of learning needs and goals and the development of a delivery system to meet those needs.
  • Top-notch content quality- To make learners complete the program not only awareness of the program is important, but the content itself is the soul. For eg: A learner is aware and informed regarding the training and commences the learning journey and finds the content ambiguous or unappealing. Therefore we make sure that the learning content is explanatory, engaging, and delivered in multiple languages with out-and-out content customisation.
  • Internal program Campaign- For a company to impart a training program, it becomes necessary to create awareness of the training program to be deployed. The relevance of the training program in the day-to-day work of employees and the importance of it has to be conveyed to the employees, for the initial awareness will help reap the seeds of adoption. With the marketing tools as banners, standees, posters, launch event, follow-up messages, tedtalk (human touch), a successful campaign is carried out to ensure a good adoption rate.
  • Rewards and Certifications- To pat on the back is a mark of a great trainer. On completion of program, on-time assignment submission, participation in forums and rewards for good performance are the rewards granted to the learners for encouragement and motivation. This eases the adoption as the certificates are authorised by the company’s very own senior professionals that the employees look up to.

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