Upcoming releases

Cognigix Learning App 2.0:

Highlights of the new functionalities and features in the upcoming App –

AI-Driven Personalised Learning Tree®

In the same training program, every learner will go through individually designed customised learning plan, personalised content and specifically selected learning channels. These tailoring will be individualised data-driven AI-supported feature of the App.

Lucy® – The AI-Based Virtual Learning Assistant (Chatbot)

The CGX 2.0 version of the App will bring its one of the most awaited features Lucy® – the virtual learning assistant for the learners. This AI-based chatbot will help learners at every step of learning from reminders, making available additional learning content, searches to personalising content and support in learning completions.

Offline Learning

Learning on the go – even when not having an internet connection. This functionality will allow learners to download learning content in the App that can be learnt offline. Now no limitation on when and where you want to learn uninterrupted – in the flight, areas with low internet connectivity or no-internet-zone.

Private Forums

With this feature, learners will have the option to create private chat forums in the App. They can create multiple personalised forums, invite fellow learners, request faculty to join, monitor and regulate conversations and exchange documents. This will allow peer learning including small-group assignments, breakaway group activities, etc. where all the fellow learners are not required to participate.

Multi-lingual Dashboards and Reports

With the CGX 2.0, the reports and dashboards will be available in the language of choice of the learners, Program coordinator and for the client. Graphs, charts and report sheets will be in the language of choice making it easier for them to analyse, make meaning and take actions.

Cognigix Edu

This is a Learning App specifically being developed for the use of educational institutions – schools and colleges. The Cognigix Edu App will help educational institutions leverage the power of digitisation in their academic courses. The App will help them in designing and seamlessly delivering blended teaching courses including assignments, homework, continuous assessments, projects and grading.