Uniformly Amalgamated And Personalised Digital Learning Process

Learning architecting is a method that establishes goal-oriented learning that also includes measures for assessing the efficiency of the learning program within the learning solution itself. Effective learning architecting solutions are modified by considering the target learners and kind of market it is to be made for. Cognigix as a digital learning platform was built with the purpose of providing digital learning journeys for their learners by transforming the monotonous on-job training into a more learner-centric approach to professional learning delivery

Cognigix focuses on learner-oriented initiatives which are beneficial in today’s highly competitive corporate world. With our learning architecting approach, learners get access to a vastly comprehensive pool of content that helps them to get the best output for their learning efforts and build them as a strong professional in the long run.

Understanding the learning needs of organisations in detail and analysing the work pattern of the clients helps to optimise learning architecting solutions to provide knowledge from basic to advanced level with the organisation needs as the primary goal. Our platform provides various fields of learning for our esteemed learners so that he/she could perform better in its field.

With Cognigix, the learner gets practical exposure through the platform, as we provide them real-time field-oriented work situation to serve the market and target learner needs. The digitisation procedure in today’s world has led to the downfall of human skills and Cognigix favours both i.e. humans as well as the digital world on the condition that they are equally important to each other. Wherein they co-exist and complement each other.

This platform helps in procuring the keen information that we as humans might miss on while learning from ourselves and helps in shaping up the analytical brain skills and logical thinking abilities.

Through our learning architecting solutions, organisations can provide their employee with a learning environment and upskill their employees, who eventually will be the strong foundation for any organisation’s expansion and growth.

Cognigix has been providing digital learning architecting solutions to multifarious clients across various industry domains that includes Aditya Birla Group, Maharashtra Police, Indian Hotels Companies Ltd. (IHCL), SSB, Tally etc. With the trust of our clients, we have become a renowned and accredited platform for keen learners in the corporate organisational sector.

The faculty of Cognigix ensures that their learners have a wider approach towards their aim and they help them achieve that.

Cognigix Learning Architecting solutions offers you the following:

Need oriented learning architecting:

Our leaning architecting solutions are customised according to the need of the role of the particular employees to ensure that they learn the necessary lessons within the stipulated time and deliver quality outcomes through their performance. With need-oriented learning architecting, it becomes easy to cater to the specific need pertaining to your business.

Custom Curated Learning solutions:

Our learning solutions are modified and customized as per the needs of the learner’s needs are the best suited to fulfil the requirements of the learners.

Personalised E-Learning Modules:

We provide e-learning lessons through powerful and compact learning modules through our app that ensures learning on the go. Such kind of customized learning ensures long term learning retention and workplace application of the learned skills.

End to End Digitisation:

We help organisations by offering our services to both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Large Conglomerates to bring about a complete digital transformation. At Cognigix, end to end digitization is ensured.

Learner Friendly approach:

We keep in mind to build our solutions with the learner at the centre and revolve everything around them. All his strength, capabilities, weaknesses and other unique potentials are analysed before providing him with a learning guide. We formulate the learning task in ways to achieve results and gives them a path to achieve business goals in their line of business and the organisation altogether.

What are you waiting for? Upskill your employees and boost your company growth with Learning Architecting.

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