Trends In Police Skills Training – Image Makeover

Effective policing befalls only when police officers and segments of the public associate towards building a safe and crime-free community. This partnership demands officers to display not only strong technical skills but interpersonal skills and other soft skills portraying a clear picture of a helping policeman.

How can policeman be better provided prone skills training to come across suave and polite?

A training on ‘How you Come across the general public and fellow officers’ is very necessary.

That will include the dressing, standing, talking, grooming, etiquette

The skills of being kind, caring, concerning, for the general public, helping and serving them by being mindful.

Police officer’s reputation is always at stake when serving the public. Eyes and ears from all the direction are stringently on them, criticizing. Instead of damaging their own image policemen need to start being more mindful of how they are being noticed and apprehended. Just by a simple act of not being suave in certain situations damages great work the police officers are doing.

Collectively combining all the technical skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills are what forms the basis of all the police work. Any well-established law enforcement power trains and assesses all the police trainees for their technical (e.g., tactical and legal) abilities. For example weapon training, criminal investigations, patrol procedures, firearms training, traffic control, defensive driving, self-defence, first aid and computer skills.

Unfortunately, many agencies do not weigh more on Police skills training and assessing officers’ interpersonal skills ( problem-solving, persuasion, and conflict management), soft skills (Empathy, Compassion, Nonverbal Communication, Active Listening, Adaptability, Building Trust, Critical Thinking and Observation) even though officers need these skills training to competently execute tactical and legal tasks. If officers cannot correspond with the public and understand their situations, poor community relations will resist even the most technically proficient departments to come out successful.

Often, a domestic dispute involves physical violence linked to emotions arising due to lack of control and patience amongst people. That’s why we got police officers to curb the chances of a dispute leading to something serious. Officers who respond to these situations must secure the scene and gather information to determine the probable cause by being mindful. A strong foundation of verbal and nonverbal skills training allows officers to accomplish these tasks in a sensitive environment.

The reputation of the policemen is sure a bit sceptical in various localities by a lot of defaming activities that are not suitable to the respectable designation given to the police officers. Therefore, an image makeover or Police skills training ( provided through digital learning) is necessary wherein the police officers are trained to be kind, caring, concern for the general public and to be mindful in helping the citizens with the Police skills training and help officers to accomplish these tasks in a sensitive environment.

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