The Benefits Of Curated Content- A Digital Learning Pathway

The access to virtually unlimited information at the fingertips of people these days have surely been a greater convenience. Advancements in technologies have allowed two disruptive innovations to develop: Microlearning and Personalized Learning. These developments appeal to learning leaders, employers, and L&D professionals who aim to impart the most relevant information and training to their employees while reducing the time, and ultimately money, that is spent on workforce development.

Learning pathway can be described as the designed route for the learner through a range of digital learning activities, which allows them to build their knowledge. With diversified learning pathways and opportunity to the learner to choose, their learning journey becomes engaging as well as helps the learner to experience a personalised learning journey.

Integrated learning is the theory in which digital learning designer identifies and makes clear the learning objectives and sequence these together in a logical order for the learners. Integrated learning requires learners to make connections between knowledge and skills developed in different contexts. The digital learning pathways that can facilitate integrated learning may vary.

Let us discuss content curation. In digital learning industry, it is a learning pathway that deals with continually finding, filtering (in-group, organizing), and sharing the most relevant and informative content on specific topics and offers it to learners as an online learning tool or through a portal or platform. There are multiple benefits of curated content. Some of the significant advantages that add punch to our learning strategy and the reasons companies should choose to go for curated learning pathways are mentioned below:

  1. A cluster of effective content- Clustering the relevant content and combining all the online and offline resources available in the network. It also allows the learners to access all the learning content on one single platform curated from various platforms.
  2. Empowers the Learners- The training is commonly conducted by experts from learning and development teams, training is aided to everyone in the organization for upskilling and preparing them for their tasks. The process of curating content ensures that only the highest quality, most relevant, and contextual content is presented to the learners.
  3. Appreciates employees- It motivates employees and helps them to get recognized and rewarded for their participation, effective completion, and learning achievements.
  4. Learning opportunities- It builds a constant engagement model pf the learners through channels like discussion forums, chats for peer-level collaboration, and various learning opportunities for learners to establish strong relationships between expert and learners.
  5. Personalized Feedback – Feedbacks enhances the learner’s performance. Digital curated learning content provides personalized recommendations/feedback to the learners. It also assists the learners for any technical queries and guides them on the right track regarding how to “use” content by the effective use of data analytics.

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