Tata Memorial Hospital – Educine: Orientation, Education and Learning

Name of Client: Tata Memorial Hospital

Title of the Project: ‘Educine: Orientation, Education and Learning’

Year and duration of the project: 2019 and ongoing

Scope of the Project:

The Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) was established by the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust in the year 1941 as an institution with enduring value and a mission for concern of the Indian people. The Tata Memorial Hospital is one of the prestigious medical institutions which is well known for its priceless contribution as a cancer research and cure facility in Mumbai.

TMH is a huge institution which employs hundreds of doctors and nurses. Despite such a large number of doctors serving at TMH, there is a huge gap between the doctors to patients’ ratio at TMH. To fill this gap, the doctors were on-boarded and assigned duties without any official induction or overview of the work environment at TMH.

After joining the duty, the doctors were overburdened with a large number of patients. Due to which, the resident doctors at TMH have to work for long hours and look after their respective patients. Such long hours leave the doctors with very little time for their studies. Just in case, if they manage to save some time for their studies, the resources which were available for them to use were scattered across links and some being available on in the form of hard copy.

The senior doctors at TMH had recognized the need for a learning program which will help the newly assigned doctors in orientation to the hospital, its systems, and the processes for smooth onboarding and improving their work efficiency. The senior doctors were concerned about the precious time of the doctors at TMH which is unutilized because of lack of awareness of different processes, SoPs and systems at TMH.

TMH contacted Cognigix with these issues and assigned the project for creating a structured, app-based learning system consisting of various courses on DMGs, assessments, orientation programs and organizing the resources in a centralized repository for increasing their accessibility to the resident doctors.

Problem Statement:

  • Shortage of time to be invested in studies due to long working hours.
  • Available resources scattered across the internet and others in the form of hard copy.
  • Lack of documents having information about the orientation to the hospital, its systems, processes and work environment.
  • Precious time of the doctors unutilized because of lack of awareness of various processes, SoPs and systems at TMH.

Proposed Solutions:

Highlights of the solutions:

  • Pre-defined structure for digital learning on various medicine courses
  • Digitization of courses using various learning channels
  • Creation of Orientation Program for TMH and their specific DMGs
  • A centralized repository of existing digital content for one-point access
  • Structured program launches and ongoing support and maintenance
  • Continuous content updation

Cognigix team embarked on this journey by conducting a deep diagnostic of all the issues expressed by the senior doctors and key stakeholders at TMH. The concerns faced by the newly assigned doctors were adversely affecting their efficiency at work. TMH was urgently in need of a solution which will overcome all the challenges faced by their doctors. A team comprising of learning experts, senior doctors and Cognigix content professionals in collaboration worked on creating a relevant structure for digital learning of medicine courses.

The ‘Educine: Orientation, Education and Learning’ program was developed by Cognigix team with experts and senior doctors in the form of fruitful solution for resolving all the problems faced by newly assigned doctors at TMH. The program comprised of Orientation to TMH, learning content about Adult Hemato Lymphoid and Leisure and Recreation activities for the resident doctors at TMH. The Orientation to TMH incorporates various modules for sensitizing the newly assigned doctors with the work environment and operating procedures at TMH. For this purpose, various templates, SoP’s, and information about the orientation and patient support system were some of the modules in the orientation program.

The learning content on Adult Hemato Lymphoid incorporated various sub-topics which were associated with Leukemia. The content for the ‘Adult Hemato Lymphoid’ disease group was presented in the form of video lectures by the senior doctors from TMH. These 5-6 minutes of video learning nuggets helped the doctors to comprehend the information about the respective topics. This content was also supplemented with the use of learning videos, assessments, infographics, essential reference documents and navigation module for knowing the premises of the TMH.

Some of the content delivery channels used as mentioned below:

  • Faculty Videos: Learning videos about the orientation to the hospital, its systems, processes and about detailed information about the DMGs – of runtime between 5-6 minutes delivered by leading faculty from Tata Memorial Hospital.
  • Infographics: Infographics that aids the doctors to understand the structure of the content on the app. It highlights the main sections of the housed content so that they could easily navigate through the vast content on the app.
  • Assessments: Medical case-based assessments which help the doctors to go through actual cases of the patient to write a workup and treatment. Various disease-wise cases were prepared for the mock practice of doctors.
  • Reference documents: Many of the procedural medical procedure forms available in hard copy was digitized into an online format which acts a one-point reference for all the medical forms essential to be filled by doctors as a part of the medical examination to workup process.

Navigation module:

A built-in navigation module in the app helps the doctors to orient themselves of the TMH building, essential departments and checkup rooms. This navigation module was custom created for TMH so the doctors could search and navigate through the entire facility, departments, blood test rooms, x-ray rooms, and checkup rooms at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

The digital content of the whole program was housed on the Cognigix app customized for the ease of accessibility to the learning program for doctors, absorbing knowledge about the TMH premises and help them navigate easily in it, and creation of a centralized directory of resources comprising of various links of different topics to save the valuable time of the resident doctors.

Cognigix team supported the senior doctors at TMH with the program launch. During the launch event, the learners were taken through the functionalities of the app, its content structure and about the orientation of the course. Senior doctors addressed the participant doctors about the benefits of the ‘Educine: Orientation, Education and Learning’ program. The purpose and the benefits of the program to the resident doctors in various ways by smoothening their accessibility to the resources and saving their time by orienting them to TMH, the operating procedures and the systems were clearly demonstrated in the launch program. A dedicated team of support executives from Cognigix was available 24×7 for providing ongoing helpdesk support by resolving queries of the doctors.

Following are some of the snapshots from the launch event of the ‘Educine: Orientation, Education and Learning’ program at TMH:



Program Outcome:

Highlights of the program outcome:

  • All the resident doctors of Adult Hemato Lymphoid DMG successfully completed the learning program and orientation to TMH using the CGX learning app
  • Smoothening the onboarding of the resident doctors at TMH
  • Welcoming feedback from the doctors about the benefits of this digital learning program
  • Demand for similar digital learning programs for other DMGs


‘Educine: Orientation, Education and Learning’, a digital learning program comprising of Orientation to TMH, learning content about Adult Hemato Lymphoid and Leisure and Recreation activities were rolled out for the resident doctors at TMH. The app-based learning program helped in the orientation of newly appointed doctors to the work environment at TMH and navigating through its premises. The digital learning program on Adult Hemato Lymphoid made the comprehension of the subject easier for the doctors because of the short duration videos which boosted their learning despite the long working hours. The Leisure and recreation activities which are the part of this program guided the doctors in spending good time with their friends, family and closed ones in the city.

The ‘Educine: Orientation, Education and Learning’ is a continuous learning program which will be beneficial and available for the use of all the doctors who will be joining TMH in future. The program will enable smooth onboarding of the doctors and help them in getting acclimatize with the operation procedures and work environment at TMH. Moreover, they will be having easy access to the centralized repository containing the links to the external resources and study material. All the components of the program collectively save a lot of time invested by the doctors in their learning and after joining TMH. The learning program was welcomed by most of the doctors as it was highly beneficial for saving their precious time and increasing their overall efficiency for attending their patients on a daily routine.

The doctors completed the program smoothly and the video lectures in the form of faculty videos helped them easily understand the concepts related to Adult Hemato Lymphoid. The helpdesk team extended their support in quick resolution of queries raised by the doctors so that the journey of learning is uninterrupted and with ease. The implementation of the learning program for other DMGs at TMH is in the planning phase and will be soon rolled out for further extending the help to the doctors.

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