Lightening of 2017 Monsoon

“great ideas & enlightening of the mind 
takes place in the of nature”

The Monsoon in the Western Ghats of India awakes the nature turning it into the beautiful lush green landscape. Breathtaking valleys, amazing waterfalls and towering green hills of Lonavala, a beautiful hill station near Mumbai where lightning of thoughts struck for the very first time. It was the deafening voice of the multitudes of clients and their reverberating echoes that led to the silence within. Technology is transforming learning and in near future, it would be almost unrecognizable. this change is inevitable.

What followed were restless days and sleepless nights! How to retain the core philosophy of the centuries of established learning methods while leveraging technology to modernize it? Organizations globally have welcomed Digital Learning delivery channels some of which were at an industrialized level of maturity and many at experimented or observed. Then struck the Idea: How about integrating the two of them seamlessly- established learning methods and the digitized environment.nd yes, it was possible….

The idea struck and stuck

“Established methods in the digitized environment”

Michelangelo Smiled, Seriously

“Light, Action, Camera”

The crazy idea now needed to be executed. Came along some mavericks and geeks and of course, tech brains. A relentless pursuit of converting the idea into a reality.Days and nights of hard work and personal sacrifices. Learning and Unlearning. Challenging and getting challenged. Silence and noise. Applause and boos. Rejections and acceptances. sweat and blood. And, we had the product ready – a masterpiece of art and craft. Michelangelo waved and smiled at us, seriously!

Now was the time to bring the product to serve those who it was meant for. We needed a structure, systems, process and of course, equally passionate set of people. Less crazy though! Thus was born Cognigix, with an intense desire to create a positive impact in the learning industry. our product is not only for those who have a good share of access to the technology-enabled personalized learning today but also for those who aren’t getting any or enough – corporate and beyond. Commitment to continue to innovate and create is what we are striving for a day in and day out. 

Ahoy! Cognigix

“A Solution Which will transform the learning industry forever”

what's in the Name?

A Rose, if called something entirely different, would still smell as it does with the name "Rose".

Juliet likens this to Romeo. Romeo is still the man she loves had a different name. Shakespeare came to our rescue as people asked, “what the heck is cognigix?” we called ourselves cognigix, as much as we could have called ourselves by any other name.

We made a cocktail of two interesting words – cognitive and added an ‘X’ for the cutting-edge. The amalgamated words sounded lively, cutting edge and at the same time, meaningful to us.

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