Modernizing the Police Training

Name of Client:  Maharashtra Police

Title of the Project: Modernizing the Police Training

Year and duration of the project: 2019 and ongoing

Scope of the Project:

Maharashtra, the third-largest state in the Republic of India, has one of the largest police forces in the country. The State has 11 Commissionerate’s and 36 district police units. The Maharashtra Police Academy (MPA) is a pioneer institution which has completed 100 years in 2007. This institution has a reputation for producing tough and efficient officers since its inception in 1906.

Most of the police training was facilitated through centenarian content and methodologies. All the courses were relevant yet lacked a modern approach towards imparting the trainings by MPA. Years’ old content was not refreshed and had gaps in learning. This need was recognized by the key officials of MPA and they were seeking resolution for this dying need to modernize the current police training. Next pressing need recognized for the policemen was a way to balance work and life through the practice of necessary life-skills.

Being one of the largest police force in India, Maharashtra Police personnel are stationed across geographies and imparting training to this large force is both time consuming and cost-heavy. Reaching this large number of learners only through classroom training would require years and years to complete given the sheer number of policemen, their location, and mostly their availability for training due to high-stressed long hours of duty.

MPA approached Cognigix with these concerns and commissioned the project for modernizing Maharashtra Police Training and training them on the essential life skill of Emotional Intelligence which will lead to Emotionally Intelligent Policing in Maharashtra.

Problem Statement:

  1. Absence of a contemporary approach to the centenarian learning content of the Maharashtra Police Academy training curriculum.
  2. Lack of outreach of training as only conducted through Classroom methodology and absence of modernized training methodologies for the geographically spread police force.

Proposed Solutions:

Highlights of the Solution:

  1. Study of existing current courses to benchmark them to modern training structure and methodologies.
  2. Designing a blended learning program with a right blend of classroom sessions and contemporary digitized online app-based training.
  3. Developing deeply customized digital learning content on Emotional Intelligence to create Emotionally Intelligent Policing in Maharashtra.
  4. Launching a deeply customized app in the preferred language – Marathi, for greater learnability and comprehension.
  5. Supporting and driving several classroom programs as a part of the Blended Learning Approach and providing ongoing technical support for the online app-based components
  6. Providing all the essential support and running several learning Adoption campaigns to drive adoption across all learners and locations.

Cognigix team started this journey of modernizing the Maharashtra Police training with a month-long diagnostics to understand the current structure of the police training curriculum. Further, to analyze the learning apps in the same. Several one-to-one and focused group interviews highlighted and supported the want for modernizing Maharashtra Police training. A need to convert the classroom-based Emotional Intelligence (EI) program which was currently conducted for officers at National Police Academy (NPA) into a Blended Learning program was taken as a priority for the first phase of modernizing Maharashtra Police training. A team of learning experts, Senior Trainers from the PTCs and Cognigix content team in collaboration worked on creating a relevant structure and designing Blended Learning program which was named as ‘Emotionally Intelligent Policing’ (Bhaavnik Pradnyavant Police).

Cognigix team with experts and trainers created a blended learning program which inculcated methodologies from both modern and the legacy. The content for the program was converted into video lectures wherein faculty of selected trainers from the different PTCs imparted learning on the dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and how to be Emotionally Intelligent Police. These 5-6 minutes video learning nuggets helped the learners to comprehend the Emotional Intelligence framework, its different dimensions, behaviours of an Emotionally Intelligent Police and ways one can develop EI for better policing. This app-based course content also included video lectures by subject matter experts and additional faculties from the domain of EI. This content was supplemented with the use of learning videos, quizzes, infographics and recap modules to further deepen the learning.

Some of the content delivery channels used as below:

Faculty Videos: Training lectures on the concepts and frameworks of Emotional Intelligence of runtime between 5-6 minutes delivered by senior police trainers/ senior officers/ speakers/ EI experts.

Learning Videos: Videos of 2-3 minutes run time imparting critical explanation of Emotional Intelligence and its twelve dimensions with graphics, animation and creative designing based on the learning theme.

Infographics: Emotional Intelligence, it’s meaning, dimensions and applicable behaviours converted into enthralling infographics for the police officers to understand and refer when faced with stressful emotionally charged on-job situations.

Quizzes: Topic-specific quizzes for every dimension of EI were created to test the knowledge and comprehension. The scores acquired in these MCQs formed a basis for rewarding participants at the end of the program.

Recaps: Professionally recorded voiceovers at the end of every module aided the learners to listen and recap the concepts and frameworks covered during the program.

The digital content was housed on a custom-created app entirely in Marathi, the official and preferred language of the learners. The entire course content was delivered in Marathi for greater comprehension and understanding. Language on the app was Marathi which aided in the ease of navigation and use. A team of experts comprehended and translated the content on EI which is largely available in English language into Marathi making it simple, understandable for every level of learners in the police force.

As per the Blended Program structure, the learners went through two classroom sessions, one at the beginning and the other at the end of 4 weeks of online app-based training. Cognigix team supported the police officers to launch the program at the designated training centres. During the launch program, learners were taken through the functionalities of the app, its content structure and about the completion of the course. Senior Police trainers conducted short sessions to impart the benefits of developing Emotional Intelligence and its significance for Emotional Intelligent policing. A team of 24×7 dedicated executives from Cognigix provided ongoing helpdesk support by resolving queries of the learners.

Adoption being one of the larger concerns of such blended learning program, was tackled gracefully by the team CGX. A systematic, scheduled, and a detailed strategy for the adoption of the ‘Emotionally Intelligent Policing’ program was chartered. The detailed plan comprised of dates of regular follow-ups, on-site strategies for driving program completion, strategies of social media promotions, roles and responsibilities of the CGX Operations team for driving the learners to completion. Regular analysis of the completion data was done by the team to modify their adoption strategies depending on the rise and fall of adoption percentage. Social Media initiatives like WhatsApp flyers blast, weekly rewards, targeted calling, standees and posters were incorporated to drive successful adoption.

Following are some of the snapshots of this promotion and adoption strategies executed for the program:


Highlights of the outcome:

  1. Successful completion of the Blended Learning program for one-third of the Pune city police in two phases.
  2. More than 95% adoption rate was achieved through the execution of adoption strategies and initiatives.
  3. A positive and welcoming feedback on the digital learning solution from the Police Officers where they insisted this should be made compulsory for every armed force in India.
  4. To be rolled-out for 10,000 policemen in batches at Pune Commissionerate before the end of 2019, with new batches to commence shortly for other Commissionerate’s in Maharashtra


‘Emotionally Intelligent Policing’ (Bhaavnik Pradnyavant Police), a Blended Learning program consisting of classroom sessions and online app-based learning was rolled out for one-third of police serving in the city of Pune. Rolled out in two phases, the Cognigix team, with the support of Senior Police Officers drove the online Blended Program based on the concept of Emotional Intelligence, its importance for policing and why being Emotionally Intelligent is essential for policemen. Consisting of twelve chapters based on EI competencies and its benefits, the learning program was welcomed by most of the policemen as they stated it to be highly applicable not only on the job but also in their personal lives.

The new form of digital content in their own preferred language, Marathi, made the comprehension of the concepts easier. Stories and anecdotes shared by the senior police trainers helped them grasp the concept of EI with ease and apply the same in their daily lives, both professionally and personally.

The learners completed the program in a swift time due to its ease of learning in their own preferred language. The video lectures in the form of faculty videos helped them easily understand the concepts making the program interesting yet applicable in policing as well as their personal life. With these great influencing factors, Cognigix team achieved an adoption rate of more than 95% of learners. The support team ensured a quick resolution of queries raised by the learners so that the journey of learning is smooth and with ease. Frequent follow-ups and reminders kept the learner’s updates on the learning activities to be completed on the scheduled date.

The program based on the life-skill of Emotional Intelligence which taught each policeman to know and manage their own emotions in the midst of high stressful policing situations received great feedback on its applicability and benefits in personal and professional life. Many of the policemen praised the content for its ease of understanding stating that this should be made compulsory for not only all the policemen in India but also their families. The ‘Emotionally Intelligent Policing’ program is currently in the planning phase to be rolled out for the remaining of the 10,000 police force from the city of Pune.

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