Milliken Case Study – Sales Capability Building program

Milliken is portrayed as a heritage of innovation where science is combined with design and insights which are integrated together to tackle the issues and concerns of today. On every single day, the community of innovators at Milliken are invigorated by the challenge of exploring creative ways to enhance people’s lives and make the world around them easier, safer, more sustainable and more beautiful.

A report published by the American Society of Training and Development claims that the US-based companies shell out around $20 billion annually on sales training. Yet most of the sales organizations get low or no ROIs from their sales training initiatives.

A common problem with most of the sales training initiatives is that the participants tend to forget much of what they have learned, shortly after the training event. This results in failure of training programs as the motive is barely achieved due to the absence of guided adoption.

Cognigix has developed a Sales Capability Building program which is a deeply customized and seamlessly integrated Blended Learning Program for the India resources of Milliken. The sales executives used to face various problems some of which are challenges with respect to the cost of the product, in presenting the value proposition, in maintaining a long-term relationship with the clients, in sales objections and in influencing the stakeholders. All of these problems were studied and a Sales Capability Building program was designed to overcome the obstacles.

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