Lupin – Decision Making Process

Lupin is the seventh largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world and is amongst the fastest growing pharmaceutical corporations. The company is involved in cutting-edge research and works in the Generics Research, Advanced Drug Delivery Systems, Intellectual Property Management, Novel Drug Discovery and Development, and Biotechnology Research domains.

Lupin witnessed consistent growth in the ever-competitive pharmaceutical industry with innovative strategies, cutting-edge research and skilled employees. The organization has a rich learning and development culture and takes initiatives to help employees add new skills. As a part of this commitment to holistic training and a desire to add new skills, Lupin decided to educate senior executives and managers on decision-making process.

Having partnered with Cognigix for a great eLearning program earlier, Lupin decided to continue with their L&D services.


Cognigix’s Solution for Lupin – Decision Making Process

Cognigix had developed a custom eLearning solution for Lupin that was loved by the target audience. It was important to not only raise the bar but also provide learners a stimulating learning experience. The Cognigix team provided a gamified learning solution coupled with a story-based approach. The key features of this solution were:

    • Gamified Learning: The game-based learning solution required learners to use their decision-making skills. Learners, who were also part of the game, were put in a series of situations along with game characters, requiring them to take decisions on behalf of the characters. Course content, which was the vital part of the solution, was seamlessly embedded in the game.


    • Immersive Learning: The course that was made from the learner’s perspective had a powerful story that provided an immersive learning experience to the target audience. A number of game elements such as money and happiness meters including a number of highly engaging activities and rich graphics ensured immersive learning experience. Each decision that learners took, affected the money and happiness levels requiring learners to consider various inputs from game characters. This strategy not only succeeded in captivating the learners but also put them in close to real-life situations requiring them to apply the learning.


    • Innovative Graphics: In line with the client’s requirement to have a lighter course, photographic characters were used in the game. This not only met client’s requirements but also ensured smoother LMS deployment. Use of photographic characters, was also a cost-effective way that provided an enriching learning experience without compromising on the quality. Cognigix not only planned the shoot but also provided actors for the shoot.

    • Custom Features: Cognigix developed customized features for this game. This included:
      • • Role Selection: The course was customized for two sets of target audience, executives and managers. The course content differed depending on the role learners selected in the role selection screen.
      • • Definitions: The glossary was embedded in the game itself with the content that was presented on the screen.
      • • GUI and Templates: The GUI was customized according to Lupin’s requirements and the course theme. Multiple templates with higher interactivity helped engage learners and present content in a creative way.

    • • Content Services:  What more, the team did extensive research and based on the client’s requirements devised the course content. This way, Cognigix not only developed the eLearning module but also provided full-fledged L&D services.


Positive Results

    • • Identify various decision-making types.
    • • Use a number of decision-making tools and techniques in their day-to-day life.

Learners loved the program so much that many requested 24×7 access on their own devices, leading to further customization for mobile devices. The success of this eLearning solution was highlighted further when Lupin decided to partner with Cognigix for another eLearning solution. This reflected not only Lupin’s faith in Cognigix’s offerings but also the acknowledgement of their excellent L&D services.

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