IHCL – Tajness: Mindful Emotions in Action

Client:  Indian Hotels Company Limited (Taj, Vivanta, Ginger and other hotel brands)

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Project: ‘Tajness – Mindful Emotions in Action’ digital Program

Duration of the Project: 2019-2020

Scope of the Project:

The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) is an Indian hospitality company that oversees a portfolio of hotels, resorts, jungle safaris, palaces, spas and in-flight catering services. IHCL was founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1899 and is headquartered in Mumbai. The organisation approached Cognigix to help them roll-out their learning initiatives to all their workforce for accelerating ‘Aspiration 2022.’ The primary aim was to reinvigorate their employee’s knowledge of the values of Taj, namely: Trust Awareness and Joy.

IHCL wanted to strengthen their foundational values while augmenting profitability in their business. The organisation was in search of a solution that would help them disperse their values and familiarize the larger workforce all across its properties in a lucrative way.


It was observed that while the employees knew about the Tajness values, they found it difficult to relate it to their workplace. There seemed a gap between its awareness and application. There was a need, therefore, to reacquaint the IHCL employees with the core values in such a way that it could be comprehended by all and applied in their day-to-day life.

IHCL wanted the program to be delivered to all its properties through online mode. However, there was apprehension about the adoption of the digital program at the workplace. Digital learning was at an experimented stage in the organisation. And, there was hardly any success case of such a scale digital learning in the industry.

With these challenges on the horizon, IHCL expressed its urgency and concerns to resolve the issues at the earliest across all its properties.

Problem Statement:

  • Standardizing the communication of the Tajness values for each of the employees across levels at all the IHCL properties
  • Reaching a large number of employees across locations in a short-time period
  • Tackling the issues of adoption of digital program

Proposed Solutions:

  • In-depth diagnostics to create a deeply-customized digital learning program
  • Digital content creation by utilizing various learning delivery channels
  • Creating a detailed learning adoption strategy
  • Personalized learning assistance and active support

Project Rollout:

Cognigix began the project with a deep-diagnostics to understand critical pain points in various areas mentioned by IHCL. During the diagnostics, Cognigix discovered a need for a solution that would help the employees learn efficiently while they work. As a part of diagnostics, Cognigix team interviewed employees from General Managers to the Front Line Executives. Based on the findings of the diagnostics the design of a comprehensive digital learning solution to drive Tajness was put in place.

Learning professionals at Cognigix created a systematic modular form, which standardized most of the existing literature on Tajness and gave shape and structure to the meaning and philosophy of Tajness. The structure was further supported with two essential competence – Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, which acted as a driver to inculcate the essential Tajness values – Trust, Awareness and Joy. The digital content creation team of Cognigix rigorously worked on creating a digital content, which was contemporary and in-line with the need of the learners.

Various subject matter experts worked closely with the Cognigix team to produce relevant and contemporary learning content using various learning channels such as –

  • Faculty Videos: Behavioral training videos discussing the values, concepts and frameworks of Tajness with a runtime between 5-6 minutes were delivered by experts/ trainers/ speakers.
  • Learning Nuggets: Videos with a runtime of 2-3 minutes were deployed imparting critical explanation of Tajness values – Trust, Awareness and Joy with graphics, animation and creative designing based on the learning theme.
  • Infographics: Tajness values and topics were converted into enthralling visual infographics that aid the learners to grasp the concepts with comfort.
  • Games and Exercises: eLearning games that helped learners to comprehend the Tajness values, expand concepts, reinforce development, and assisted them in learning while they play
  • Quizlet: Context-specific quizzes at every critical learning junctures were created to test the knowledge and comprehension of the Tajness values – Trust, Awareness, Joy and Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.
  • eRehash: A mini-eLearning module plugged in at the end of the entire course with a purpose of recall and more profound comprehension of Tajness values and the topics covered during the entire program. This module comprised mini-games, video snippets, quiz-based games and adventure games that reinforced learning in an interactive and engaging way.

The digital content was housed on the Cognigix app, which facilitated the reach of the program to a larger audience spread across various locations. Cognigix team guided the launch of the program at various properties through organized events. The events encompassed orientation of the employees on the functionalities of the Cognigix app, taking them through the modules structure and learning themes and familiarize them with the digital learning program.


A dedicated team was assigned to handle and resolve queries of the learners. This team operated 24×7 providing ongoing support to the learners resolving every query with efficiency and promptness. The turnaround time for the query resolution was phenomenal and was appreciated highly by the key stakeholders of IHCL. The support team representative also visited and stationed themselves on designated days to provide in-person and on-site support.


Adoption is one of the larger concerns of key stakeholders at IHCL and this was a priority for the Cognigix team to tack head-on. A structured and detailed strategy for the adoption of the ‘Tajness: Mindful Emotions in Action’ program was outlined. This plan included details and dates of regular follow-ups, strategies for driving program completion, strategies to communicate the importance and urgency of completing the program, details and dates of regular checkpoints of adoption percentage across locations. Further, the plan sketched out a roadmap to 100% adoption through various on-site and social media campaigns.

Promotional initiatives like email flyers blast, weekly rewards, helpdesk kiosk, standees and posters were incorporated. Video bytes of the participants promoting the importance of completion of the ‘Tajness: Mindful Emotions in Action’ program was displayed in IHCL hotel premises on the TV screens.

Following are some of the snapshots of this promotion and adoption strategies executed for the program:


This self-paced digital learning solution was well received at all the properties it was launched. It received positive to great feedback on the content, structure, and learner support. Further, learners praised the contemporary content, which incorporated a right mix of various learning delivery channels making it a true edutainment experience. Completion was driven through active adoption activities, personalized support, continuous follow-ups and resolution of technical queries.

Here are some of the highlights of the outcome of the digital learning initiative –

  • Successful completion of the first phase across five properties
  • The program adoption rate of more than 85% across all the properties
  • Over 90% positive feedback on all the program assessment parameters including learning comprehension, applicability and digital content
  • More than 90% of learners recommended that the program be offered to their colleagues


With successful completion of the first phase, the ‘Tajness: Mindful Emotions in Action’ program is now being rolled out in a phased manner to other properties and at every level in multiple languages. The expected number of learners to be covered in the digital program is over 100,000 across more than 150 properties of IHCL across the globe.

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