We design deeply customized content in digital media

We know one-size doesn’t fit all. Recent researches show that learners do appreciate eLearning and other self-learning digital content however, they find them overwhelming, uninspiring, less engaging and generic.

Our highly skilled digital content creation team, under the expert guidance of Learning Architects, develops some of the best tailored, insightful, engaging and inspiring digital learning content. The content caters to the specific needs of the training, contextualised to the business and targeted to the preferences of the learners. Our content creation team comprises learning architects, instructional designers, multimedia developers, content writers, animators, gamification and e-learning authoring tools experts among others.

Experts Videos

Learning videos are with run times of 3-5 minutes, where experts/ trainers/ speakers explain the concepts, share ideas and facilitate learning as they would do in a classroom to drive learning. The videos will have graphic inserts and titles to highlight the key points of the teaching.

Learning Videos

These will be videos with 2-3 minutes run time imparting critical information and explanation succinctly on a subject. These videos will have graphics, animation and creative designs. These include animation videos, white-boarding videos, explainer videos, etc.


These are listening and learning on the go. When amid a busy schedule, learners can plug in their headphones and learn effortlessly. Professional voiceovers and audio editing help make some of the dreary topics sound exhilarating and profound learning experience.


Infographics, wildly popular visual learning aids help learners remember colourful images related to the content being presented. Converting topics and concepts into enthralling visual infographics aid the learners to grasp the concepts and topics with comfort.

Mind Maps

Mind maps help in converting a long list of monotonous information of the learning module into a colourful, memorable and highly organized diagram that works in line with the learner’s brain’s natural way of remembering concepts and topics.

Games, Exercises and Activities

Online games, exercises and activities help learners grasp certain subjects, expand concepts and reinforce learning. These will be highly interactive learning channel that provides enjoyment, passionate involvement and creativity, while the learning takes place.

AV Cases/ Situations

Cases are narratives that contain information and invite analysis. Learners make decisions or evaluations based on the information available. AV cases are created using graphics, voice-overs and real-life situations that explain the case scenarios and assist learners in the analysis.

Assignments and Submissions

Periodic assignments and submissions at critical learning junctions help in comprehension and recall of the concepts and topics. These will be simple and basic to advanced and complex individual and group online assignments aimed at recap or assessment and evaluation.


Checklists are handy go-to document for learners to refer to and apply concepts learnt. They capture each critical step in a chronological manner to help learners be mindful that they don’t miss out on anything during application.


During the learning journey, it is a good idea to stop and review what was learned. Repetition is an essential element of online learning, and one way is through quizzes. Use of variety in questioning formats makes quizlets a good medium for recall and comprehension testing.


A mini-eLearning module plugged in at the end of the entire course with a purpose of recall and comprehension of concepts, topics and subjects. These mini-modules are game-based, making the recap of topics interesting and interactive.

Open Source Learning Content

Internet is an ocean of knowledge. Learning plans can be complemented with curated open-source theme-specific content comprising expert talks, how-to videos, articles, blogs, podcasts, assessments, journals, case studies, white papers, walk-throughs and other relevant content. 

Instructional effectiveness is at the core of our content design and creation. We understand, when it comes to digital learning, less is more! The content, therefore, is byte-sized that facilitates microlearning and is simple, de-cluttered and to the point. Use of advanced graphics and animations makes the content visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. Variety in the content mix that includes text, multi-media, narrations, animation, games, quizzes, assessments makes it engaging.

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