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Cognigix: End-to-end Digital Learning Service Provider

Technology has influenced every aspect of the business world. It has revolutionised and has had a positive impact on most industries. Education which was once synonymous with classrooms, chairs, desk and physical books has majorly shifted to digital now.

Today, with the accessibility of mobiles, laptops, computers, a new learning pattern is set in place. You can experience this change in various industries like education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing domains, to name a few which have witnessed drastic learning adoption of digital learning.

At Cognigix, we cater to all your digital learning needs. We specialise in creating learning modules that create a favourable learning environment customised to every learner’s needs. We design and deliver end-to-end customised learning solutions.

Our offerings:

  • End-to-end digital learning solution:
    We take care of end-to-end learning needs, from diagnostics, program architecting, design and content creation to deployment, delivery and adoption.
  • Customised digital content:
    We author customised learning content specific to the program and organisation organisational needs.
  • Personalised Learning Experience:
    Every learner has different skills and learning requirements, so we personalise content, language, and methodology to meet the learning preference of the individuals.
  • Guided Learning Adoption:
    We customise the adoption strategy, continuously monitor learner’s progress through virtual and personal learning assistance.

digital learning

Implementing the approach mentioned above, we offer the following services:

  1. Learning architecting:  Learning architecting is a program that is designed keeping in mind the learner’s goals. It evaluates the effectiveness of the learning program. The program is designed and modified according to the needs of the learners and the markets they serve. Learning architecting is useful and valuable to private companies, firms, government organisations and agencies alike.The most tricky part about learning architecting is creating a real-time, practical, and industry-oriented solution while adding to the learner’s knowledge. It is designed to keep in mind the learner’s specialisation and strengthen their skills and take them digital.
  2. Custom e-learning: Customisation is essential in any digital learning experience. Only with customisation we can achieve maximum learning and deliver real-time workplace scenarios. With customisation, we can maximise learning in a limited time frame. Different learners absorb the same set of information differently, so customisation goes a long way in their learning experience. We cater to various organisations varying in structures and cater to their unique learning requirements.  Customised E-Learning saves time, effort, and resources to ensure that the learning  efforts’ output is optimised. It offers you unlimited scalability. The scalability reduces costs and efforts and optimises the learning experience.
  3.  Learning App:  The Cognigix learning app is one of the best learning solutions that can be used to customise e-learning as per their needs. The learning module is monitored by industry trainers who provide content and learning methodology best suited for their needs. This compact app allows you 24*7 access to your learning modules. The app takes learners behaviour into account and analyses their learning preferences, and delivers content accordingly. This learning structure ensures learner’s progress to meet their individual as well as organisational goals.
  4. Learning Adoption:  Learning adoption is an integral part of the learning and development model, which analyses learning changes and adapts according to the learner’s needs. With the learning adoption technique, you can closely analyse the learning requirements and take necessary actions to fulfil those learning needs effectively. This also leads to better employee performance and drives better learning results for the organisation.

Upskill your employees and boost your company growth with Cognigix customised end-to-end e-learning solutions.
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