The banking sector has immense scope of improvement through transformational digital learning technology implementation and deployment. More importantly digital learning adoption is at the core of the future of the banking and finance sector.

Digitality is now the new normal and the way forward to sustenance. This however is not the only reason that the digital has to be embraced. The scalability and the mobility of the digitally empowered solution is central to the enhancement of the learning professional both individually and as a part of the corporation.

From interpersonal skills to sales and marketing all these business processes can be learnt and remembered better with the help of digital technology. One of the major blames that the banking and finance industry is charged with is that it is unimaginative and boring. The learning and development cycle of bank employees needs a format that enables on the job training.


Customized and Learner centric training helps the employees to gain useful administrative and functional skills easily. The chances of trainer- learner friction are minimized as the digital medium ensures monitored learning and assessment in a bias free environment. The speed and accuracy of digital learning are other key elements that make digital learning apt for high impact immediate attention sectors like banking. Learning retention is easier with the help of the digital approach. Thus a new digital wave is clearly underway. The element of flux is intertwined with this industry. The flexibility of content management that is a key trait of the banking and finance sector is that it is best suited to the digital platform as the content can readily be updated and modified as per the needs of the learners. The learning curve of each individual learner can be assessed to ensure that learning absorption and hence the learning outcomes are easier.

Cognigix delves into deep learning need analysis and based on decades of combined experience in the domain of learning and development, it provides a platform for transformational organizational learning experience delivered individually.


Cognigix Learning was built with the aim of revolutionizing the professional education domain. We focussed on two aspects- the digital shift and the move towards a more learner-centric approach to professional learning delivery. On the job learning is no more the reluctantly boring affair. The digital approach that focuses on learner-oriented learning is most beneficial for learning adoption. With Cognigix, learners have the advantage of a highly curated content pool that helps them make the most out of their learning efforts. Continuous assessments are immensely useful in ensuring that the learner process is tracked from step to step. This ensures that there are not just professional but also long-lasting changes in the employee learning efforts.

Learning Enablement

We offer the following services to both Small and Medium Enterprises and Large Conglomerates that already have a footprint in the market.

Need Oriented Learning Architecting is required to ensure that the employees learn the necessary lessons within time and the quality learning outcomes are ensured. With need-oriented learning architecting it becomes easy to cater to the specific needs peculiar to your business. Thus the niche requirements are also very well taken care of.

Learning Solutions that can be modified and customized as per the needs of the learner’s needs are the best suited to fulfill the requirements of the learners.

Customized E-Learning through a powerful and compact learning app ensures learning on the go. It is such customized learning that ensures long term learning retention and workplace application of the learned skills.

End to End Digitisation

End to end digitization is the need of the hour. We help startups and established businesses bring about a complete digital transformation. At cognigix, end to end digitization is ensured.

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The digital learning paradigm is the new normal. Learning digitally is useful not just in this contingent environment but also for a better future. Digital learning brings down the learning enablement costs and makes the learning process easier. It improves the results of the entire learning cycle and makes the learning process simpler. With the digital learning approach, the learning experience of the employees is enhanced.

The digital learning paradigm is important for a transformative experience. It enhances the grasping potential of the employees. It helps the employees to address relevant work-related issues. The approach that the digital learning pathway emphasizes on a systematic learning approach. The automated system ensures that accurate strengths and weakness analysis is necessary for a better understanding of the entire workflow. Digital learning also makes use of accurate visualizations to ensure that the quality of learning is top-notch and the absorption and retention cycle is maintained.

Digital learning is a new way to cope with the needs of a new tomorrow. It is more flexible and easy to comprehend. The digital learning approach is also essential because it helps the learners to take a deeper dive into the learning requirements of the company. Digital learning enablement empowers the employees to learn on the go, to get doubts resolved easily, and to work on ones’ weaknesses. It is also necessary that the employees have a fair idea of the requirements of the workplace. The digital learning method can prove to be of immense advantage in such a scenario. It is very important that both learners and trainers hoan their digital training skills because the future is tilted towards a digital world that would be highly interconnected. Digital learning goes beyond passive one way training. The digital is the way to go. Cognigix is ready. Are you?


Shri Arun Kumar, DGP, RPF joined the thanks giving event Leadership During Crisis: Learning from the Forces. He had been a part of important cases like the Arushi Tarwal murder case. Shri Arun Kumar joined the Indian Police service in the year 1985.He is currently the DGP of Railway Police Force. The Railway Police Force has the largest network across the country. In his short speech at the event, the esteemed DGP Shree Arun Kumar talked about the unprecedented scenario that the pandemic has brought forth. He said that the Indian Railway had not shut operations completely except on the day, the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi was martyred.

He also shared the magnitude of the challenge that the RPF faced as they had to shift their attention from the routine duties of the upkeep of the railways to the safety and care of the poor people and the migrant laborers in the vicinity of the railway stations. The responsibility of ensuring the unhindered supplies of food and other essentials to the different parts of the country was also a daunting challenge that the RPF took up courageously. He shared the experience of operating the Shramik special trains started for enabling the movement of migrant labourers across the country.

Managing a force that spread across a vast geographical area is also a major challenge. The socio-political nuances of these geographies pose their own challenges. Several medical emergencies that demanded immediate attention also cropped up during these tough times and were aptly taken care of. Shri Arun Kumar thanked the high-level centralized leadership that involved the minister of Railways and cabinet secretaries as well for their visionary guidance.  He also went on to applaud the achievement of the RPF personnel and congratulated them for being able to respond not just with courage but always with an understanding smile on their face. The RPF came up as an epitome of discipline and dedication in these tough times.

The RPF ensured the distribution of lakhs of food packets, the strict implementation of social distancing and the tactful deployment of the mobile police forces. The high-level implementation committee of which Shri Arun Kumar himself was a part kept in constant touch with the specialists in disaster response. The National Disaster Management Authority was in constant coordination with the efforts of the RPF to ensure safe travel of passengers. Indeed, the response of the RPF was a token of selfless and fearless bravery in the wake of a ravaging disaster.

Overall, the corona mitigation efforts are clearly impactful when groups of people come together and cooperate to fight the disaster together. The role of inspirational motivation plays a key role here. Shri Arun Kumar pointed out that first RPF constable who recovered from COVID was asked to make an experiential video that was shared across the force. The aim was to point out that the disease is not only preventable but can also be overcome. With a heavy and yet proud heart Shri Arun Kumar also recounted the 15 RPF men that were martyred for the noble cause.



Cognigix had the honor of hosting Shri DM Awasthi, DGP, Chattisgarh (1986 Batch) for the Virtual Conference Leadership in Crisis: Learning From the Forces. Shri DM Awasthi talked about humane policing at length. He emphasized that it is humane policing that led to enabling a proper Corona prevention policy and ensuring the support of the common people. He had vocally reprimanded high handed police action in the state in the recent past. Timely and smooth coordination also played a big role in bringing about a change in the difficult times and ensuring accurate disaster response.

The pandemic has not only been a narrative of collective action and sacrifice, but it has also demanded individual action, especially from the brave men in the forces. Shri Awasthi emphasized on the idea of citizen-friendly policing. This happens when the police function more organically thinking of itself as a symbol of service to society. Mr. Awasthi himself stayed in a tent exposed to the sun and operated from there

Preventive Measures

The Chhattisgarh government has taken leading steps to enable the police to implement the lockdown successfully. Though a small state like Chhattisgarh has a lack of resources, the leadership ensured safe and quality food and drinking water for the police personnel so that there is no hindrance in offering support to the public. Shree Awasthi also happily shared the credits of battling the pandemic with the people of the state. He thanked them for following the prescribed corona prevention rules without which the deadly virus could take a toll on the small state. Real-time communication through video conferencing is one of the key ways in which the Chhattisgarh police was able to take control of this difficult situation. Shree Awasthi also talked of the high morale of the police personnel that kept them going in the direction of of the service of the people. He also patted the back of chhattisgarh police for having ensured minimal infection to the forces. He pointed out with the respect due for the supreme sacrifice about the loss of one of his men who succumbed to the infection.

Going Beyond Duty

`Shri Awasthi also pointed out the dedication of the forces towards the people by recounting an incident when the slums had no food and policemen went to these areas to distribute food. The funding of the forces in a small state like Chattisgarh is always limited. Within these limits, the police force has shown itself to act on the spur of the moment and save people from the impending suffering. The police department also came up with programs to ensure distribution of food and ration to the homes of police officials that contacted the virus and whose families were facing social stigma. The Chhattisgarh police has also started a scheme which helped the spouses and other dependents of officers serving in far reaching areas.

Shri DM Awasthi who had already shown his and the force’s metal in preventing left wing extremism and naxalism has now unraveled to us another bold side of bravery.


Employee onboarding and induction play important roles in a new joinee’s understanding of the ethics and values of the organization, and further an interactive induction session helps the new employee feel welcome and easily adapt to his/her job roles and responsibilities. However, in the current situation with the prevailing lockdown, many organizations are facing problem in inducting new candidates, due to the lack of a systematic infrastructure.

The present global scenario when even experienced people are losing jobs in a jiffy, pressure is building up upon the new joinees. So, an interactive and motivational induction session can boost them up and allow them to explore their skills to prove themselves valuable assets to the organization. To cater to this requirement, digital learning companies are coming up to the forefront with their unique e-induction programs for the new joinees and other employee-centric customized learning solutions are also on the offer.

The current situation is posing challenges for the HR to function effectively and provide a seamless onboarding experience to the new joinees. e-Induction has already proven its worth in helping the HR team and managers in reducing the operational and logistics challenges as now the new employees can be easily oriented using digital platforms. To cope with the earlier stated challenges and to improve HR productivity and employee experience, Cognigix, a digital learning company, is offering a unique e-induction program, that can help the new joinees to learn more about the company and get accustomed to the organization. The e-Induction modules will be custom-developed for the organisations in each and every aspect. A learning delivery app will be deployed to access the e-Modules in an easy-to-navigate manner with a user-friendly interface, to ease employee induction process.

Built with an objective to overcome the logistic and administrative challenges of induction across geographies, this e-induction program focuses on digital learning methods. The provision of customized modules and delivery using mobile app makes it easily accessible at any time, as per convenience. The modules can be made available in any language and so the language of the app. The personalized learning assistance will motivate the new employees to complete the orientation modules in time and make them ready to hit the ground running.

Cognigix is striving towards creating the online induction process enjoyable, easy, productive and a rich learning experience for the new joinees.


Digital learning is a type of learning that is accessible to a large number of learners at one time. Companies now are realising the need to effectively use technology for attracting learners to developmental training programs. However, generic training programs tend to meet only a handful of learning motives of the organisation but not all.

personalisation of the program

When deploying a digital training program organisations need to pay attention to the personalisation of the program to meet the training needs and learning preference of the employees.

Personalization is about delivering tailored training programs to the learners based on their preferences, location, usage behavior, and more. With mobile learning apps, it’s easy to give the learners a personalized experience. Mobile apps leverage convenience for the learners and give them access to the customised learning content anytime, anywhere.

Learning App

Therefore, we at Cognigix for accessing training across distance have tastefully developed a feature-rich app that creates a perfect learning environment for learners. We strongly believe that successful learning is about engagement, irrespective of the delivery channels. Learners desire an experience that matches with their digital learning preferences and provides a balance of choice and guidance, flexibility and structure, self-learning and instructor-led. Our simple and compatible Learning App makes these experiences possible. It has been purposefully designed to create an unparalleled experience for the learners while driving a defined learning agenda. The App allows deployment of a codified volatile and high thinking digital content custom-created or curated for continuous learning anytime, at any place and on any device. The app comes in with easy navigation for the learners to pay more attention to the learning content rather than getting accustomed to the learning app.

Cognigix provides technology-enabled, end-to-end customized learning solutions that are seamlessly integrated learning methods with a digitized environment.

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