Organising Learning & Development For A Chartered Accountant Firm

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Name of Client: A Accountant firm in Mumbai

Title of the Project: Training Program for employees

Year and duration of the project: 2020

Scope of the Project:

The Chartered Accountant firm is a registered limited liability partnership in India. Being an integrated professional service, it is a multi-location firm that symbolises aspirations of the true emergent India. It is a business enabler and trustworthy partner with presence in 5 cities and strength of 200+ people. It has integrated capabilities of niche firms today across cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Vadodara. The firm approached Cognigix to help them digitize their learning initiatives The primary aim was to structure the training and to also bring in contemporary methods of learning. The client was looking for a digital learning organisation that can help them to create a competency model to drive their training.

The client wanted to structure a training program that was inclusive of the orientation of the company, soft skills, communication skills, and many more skills that were found post the diagnostics that their employees lacked.

Cognigix prepared a training calender including the tech training and behavioural training, helping them in rolling out the program as well as in keeping track of the participants of the training for 1 financial year. Delivering essential tech training for accountant professionals which had both in-house and nomination based programs. For behavioural training, Cognigix has and will also be providing behavioural trainers for the participants requiring behavioural training.

Problem statement-

  1. There was no organised L&D structure.
  2. New employee orientation programs were still carried out outdated methods
  3. Minimal training programs and L&D initiatives
  4. No use of contemporary training methodologies

Proposed solutions:

  1. Design, develop and launch a Customized Orientation e-module
  2. Introduce Masterclass e-module topics for key stakeholders
  3. Design and develop advanced topics related to the accounting business and management.
  4. Organise their L&OD structure through the preparation of training calendars, conducting behavioural training programs and initiating various L&OD interventions.

Project Rollout:

Cognigix commenced the learning journey with the client with a long and meticulous diagnostics with the top stakeholders of the client’s firm to understand the kind of training that should be provided.

The diagnostics led the team to the identification of two things:

  1. Competency model- The Competency model was drafted by the team that included Analytical thinking, Problem-solving, Client focus, Process and quality orientation and Effective Communication.
  2. Training needs analysis for the employees- Cognigix analysed an extensive need for training and structure for the training that needs to be provided. Introduction and structure of the process of Learning & Development.

 The Cognigix team worked closely with the client’s team and caused the content to be digitally available for the employees. The company orientation’s eLearning module was created which was a concept to incorporate for new employees and for the old employees a training to recall. The team made sure the app-use for managers and other officials (about 30-40). Service support included any number of e-learning modules, assessment, ongoing modifications, and all the learning adoption. Orientation module through the Learning App for the rest of the organisation. Encompassing masterclass e-modules for higher professionals that included technical and critical accounting study. Behavioural trainers were also recommended by Cognigix on-demand base. The essential tech training for accountant professionals was provided which had both in-house and nomination based programs and for behavioural training, Cognigix has and will be also providing behavioural trainers.

The team has produced appropriate and contemporary learning content using various learning channels, such as:

  • Faculty Videos: Training videos discussing the Information of vision, mission and values of their organisation, their theories and structures with a runtime between 5-6 minutes were delivered by experts/ trainers/ speakers.
  • Learning Nuggets: This section contains whiteboard videos, animation videos etc. Videos with a runtime of 2-3 minutes were used to impart a critical study of the client’s values and soft skills.
  • Games and Exercises: Including interactive games and activities. eLearning games that help learners to comprehend the learning, understanding concepts, reinforcing development, and assisted them in learning as they play.
  • Quizlet: Assessment items. Context-specific quizlets were added at every significant learning junctures to examine the knowledge and comprehension of the participants.
  • e-Rehash:  A mini-eLearning module plugged in at the end of the complete course with a purpose of recall and more profound comprehension of their values and the topics covered during the entire program.

The digital learning content was delivered through the Cognigix app, which facilitated the reach of the program amongst all the company’s employee and ease in the learning procedure for the participants. The learning program was rolled out on a quarterly basis as the accounting industry gets updated considerably frequent. The proposed solutions contained:

  • Information on Vision mission and values
  • Detailed analysis of the key stakeholders of the company
  • Structure of the organisation
  • Various services of the client
  • Soft skills training
  • Communication & Business etiquettes
  • Information on various HR policies

We had a dedicated team that was assigned to manage and resolve every teeny weeny to complex queries of the learners. This team operated 24×7 providing ongoing support to the learners resolving every query with efficiency and promptness.

Cognigix also bestowed some of the complimentary services:

  • Refresher e-module (short e-learning modules which are released monthly to help the learners in recalling their learning).
  • Two e-modules of Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness
  • Certain curated and compiled behavioural e-learning modules on topics like influencing skills, time management and negotiation skills.

Cognigix is also providing on-going Learning support for :

1- Adoption- Adoption is one of the concerns of key stakeholders of the client and this was a priority for the Cognigix team to substantiate with training calendars and a structured strategy for the adoption of the program was outlined.

2- Regular modification- Relevant updation and modification are necessary for the accounting industry as concepts and software keep updating with time.