A Sales Capability Building Program For A Manufacturing Company

Sales Capability Building Program

Name of Client: Milliken

Title of the Project: Sales Capability Building Program

Year and duration of the project: 2019

Scope of the Project:

The firm is a diversified industrial manufacturer that has been in business since 1865. With corporate headquarters located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the company is active across a breadth of disciplines including speciality chemical,[1] floor covering, performance and protective textile materials, and healthcare. It employs many scientists, including a large number with masters and doctoral degrees. The firm aspires to deliver innovations without compromising its commitment to environmental stewardship. They do this by designing products that are more efficient, last longer and by making responsible use of resources such as water, energy, and raw materials.

The company wanted to enhance the capability of the sales representatives and improve the brand identity of the company. The program was called as Sales Capability Building Program but various other services were provided too.

Cognigix crafted a blended learning program which was categorised as pre-component, classroom training workshop and post-workshop component. This was delivered as a seamlessly integrated blended learning program. The learnings combined the basics of sales, improved client interaction and high level of sales objection.

Problem statement :

  1. Minimal analysis of problems
  2. Difficulty in Handling objections
  3. Trouble in gaining commitment
  4. Struggle in closing a sale
  5. Sales graph tending down
  6. Lack of Brand Impact

 Proposed solutions:

  1. Designing the blended learning program into 3 parts
  2. One week of online pre-Worksop
  3. One day of classroom training.
  4. Three weeks of post-workshop of app-based learning

Project Rollout:

Diagnostics was the first step of designing the blended learning program with all the employees of the company to get a better understanding of the challenges faced by them to achieve the sales target. The project had been divided into 3 sections: Pre-component, Workshop (classroom training) and Post-component for more trustworthy effectiveness. Communicate in detail and effectively with the key stakeholders to build mutually beneficial relations with clients

  1. The pre-workshop component contains:
  • Learning nuggets- This section contains whiteboard videos, animation videos etc. Videos with a runtime of 2-3 minutes were used to impart a critical study of the client’s values and soft skills.
  • Articles- The readings containing all the information and learnings of the skills required by the employees with examples presented in an easier manner.
  • Short e-learning exercises- The exercises and activities which were to be presented in the training to make the learning engaging for the learners.
  • Psychometric instruments assessments-  In which they attempted the tests and the report of the learners was prepared in it.

2. One day of classroom training-

Facilitator driven sessions which covered concepts, frameworks and used extensive of roleplay cases and situations from learner’s everyday client interactions. These situations made learning more effective as the learners could relate better to the learning scenarios.

3. Three weeks of post-workshop of app-based learning-

  • Assignments and submissions- To ensure the delivery and impact of the learning the learners had to submit interesting assignments.
  • Learning application and sharing activities- A learning app only for the company employees was designed for a personalised learning experience.
  • Reinforces- These were intended to help the learners revise the training through videos, audios and readings.

In this blended learning solutions, we applied well-researched methodologies like online assessments, pre-recorded virtual learning, virtual exercises and activities, caselets analysis, role-play discussions and peer learning for an enhanced learning experience for our client.