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What Is Immersive Learning & How To Use It

Learning and development professionals often strive to engage employees. Engaged employees retain the training at a higher rate, which means that the program provides a greater return on investment. Every...

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Gamification Techniques in Corporate Training

Organizations spend billions every year to improve employee engagement at workplace. Study shows employee disengagement costs companies between $450 and $500 billion every year. It is also  observed that companies with...

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Cognigix Expands With The Merger Of Custom E-Learning Business Of Skilldom

Cognigix is a service provider of custom/bespoke digital learning solutions through a unique blend of learning design, technology and visual communication. On 14th March 2022, Cognigix announced: Skilldom a company with 15+...

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Importance of Tech-enabled Learning For Future Workforce In The Finance Industry

The ed tech sector has been growing exponentially and even more so since pandemic hit. With the new hybrid form of working culture in place, remote learning has gained great...

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Why is Custom eLearning Development the Right Choice

The current volatile business environment requires organizations to constantly train their workforces to maintain a competitive edge and provide outstanding customer service. Each organization has its own challenges to deal...

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Gamification in Learning

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Mobile Learning App

How Mobile Learning App Helps Businesses With Digital Training

Organizations planning to upgrade the skills of their employees and incorporate new training programs into their business are turning to digital learning than traditional classroom learning. Digital learning gives access...

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Why Investing In Custom E-learning Is The Right Choice For Your Organization?

Every organization has its own learning needs and requirements. If you are looking for solutions to upgrade the skills of your employees, then custom eLearning could be the right solution...

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