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Benefits Of Using Cognigix Learning App For Learning And Development In Organizations

How technology is transforming the world of learning and development with learning apps?

Technology is influencing almost everything around us for the last couple of years and has been a boon for a lot of industries with a positive impact. In the past, education was always synonymous with classroom, benches, books, study materials and chalk and board. However, with time things have changed and there are technological innovations in the education system as well every single day.

In today’s times, the education scenario has changed with the invention of mobile apps that has introduced and accommodated a new pattern of learning. Every industry be it healthcare, retail, manufacturing, sports, education now has mobile applications for digital learning.

Cognigix is a digital learning service provider that specialized in developing feature-rich applications that create the perfect learning environment customized to the needs and requirements of the learners. Mobile learning (mLearning) apps are personalized learning modules that learners can access with the help of their smart phones.

For professionals in various corporate sectors, learning apps provide the ultimate convenience as the they can absorb the learning on-the-go and acquire more knowledge in less time. The Cognigix learning app delivers the best-in-class online learning solutions that can be customized based on the organizational business model, the department it is catering to and the Key Results Areas (KRAs) available in cross-platforms.

Learning apps make the learning and development smooth and easy that helps to boost engagement with the learners through various knowledge-oriented activities. Due to the accessibility of learning through the app and the various rich feature integrations, professionals can learn at their own pace and take their time in understanding things without any compromise on their daily work activities as everything is just a click away!

Here are top 5 advantages of using mobile learning apps in learning and development:

Personalized Learning

24*7 Availability

Enhancement of Knowledge

Remote Access

Unlimited Learning

Why should your organization opt for Cognigix Learning App?

Learning App

The Cognigix learning app offers ‘learning on the go’ that creates a learning pathway to the learners and enables the trainers to curate content that is best suited to the learner’s needs. The mobile learning app is compact with 24*7*365 days access to the shared content. Our digital learning solutions that we use ensures that no part of the learning program is compromised and the progress of the learner progresses in a sequential manner.

Along with this, the app is customized with a ‘learner friendly feel’ with features that are easy to use and highly efficient. The content of the learning app is curated to give completely personalized environment for the learner’s journey. The e learning modules provided in the Cognigix learning app are comprehensive, self-paced and can track the learner’s growth in real-time. This helps to achieve the learning goals of the learners and also ensure that the end outcome of the program is successfully achieved.

The best part about the learning app is that it provides ‘optimized learning experience’ to make the most of the learning cost and time that the organization and learner spends for the e learning program course. Our mobile learning app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Here are some of the core features of the Learning App:

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Communication
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Assessments & Feedback
  • Learning Tree
  • Native Mobile App
  • Language Localization
  • Learning Channel Integration
  • Chatbot, Query & Helpdesk
  • Forums
  • Security
  • Badges & Certificates

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