5 Skills That Shop Floor Employees Need To Be Trained In

Training is important; regardless of the industry, however, there’s a tremendous effectiveness gap in most skills training. Which we endeavour to fill with constant efforts to build customised skill digital training for the manufacturing industry.

One way to help your workforce achieve the expectations that you have of them is guaranteeing that they are receiving the very fundamental knowledge and skills to perform well. In many production departments, the main training strategy that has been observed is the buddy system. This means taking a new employee following up with their partnering them with a mature and experienced co-worker. And in that way, a few things could go wrong, right?

Primely, the experienced worker is reasonable enough to skip the significant steps (the basics) and show only the shortcuts which could confuse the new trainee. Seldom the person performing the training intents a negative attitude and that will definitely impact the success of the person being trained.

The strength required for personality development in shopfloor employees is plentiful but the question remains that are the employees provided with the training they need.  Conducting digital training on the need of the organisation in which the topics covered can include as organisation vision, mission, philosophy, management expectation, on-time production. Various technical training is also very relevant for manufacturing industry such as training on 5’s, Kaizen and technical training.

While not all manufacturing jobs will require extensive training in software development or IT, they will require expertise with digital technologies

  • Technical training– An unsafe workplace is usually a result of improper training. If the employees are not well-trained and informed of the possible dangers on the manufacturing floor, they are at risk of serious accidents. The technical training can palely include the Machine training, Fabricating, and Complex Assembly of the machinery ranging from the gigantic heavy machines to tiny machines.
  • Self-development– The manufacturing company growth follows individual growth. When the employees working in the company grow, the company tends to flash some signs of growth as the employees are the pillars of the company. This is why the employees should be well-versed with developing and upgrading themselves on a regular basis.
  • Behaviour management– The key element of unity is practising a good inter-personal behaviour with fellow workers that will further lead to enhanced productivity. The behaviour of the employees working together is important as they spend a large volume of their day at work. A digital training program comprising of apt behaviour management skills is what shop floor employees need today
  • Safety-related training– Personal protection equipment, also known as PPE, is required for employee safety. They must have the right kind of PPE for their tasks. It is equally important for an employee to be trained to check and identify if the equipment is outdated or aged, as it could increase the risk. There are numerous tools, equipment, and heavy machines on the shop floor and hence should be trained in the safety measures.
  • Leadership– Knowledge, and skills in team coordination and respectful and well-planned work delegation to the junior employees and the team leads to the continual support of team members on the floor. One leadership skill as a whole leads to a well managed and more productive manufacturing company.

Developing the leadership skills amongst the front line supervisors, team leaders and the managers is a need so as to improve employee safety, productivity and quality by maximizing the adoption of all team members for the digital training is what Cognigix is meant for. Whether you need foundational skills, organisational skills, technical skills a customised digital training program is all you need to start learning on the go, reach out and start a conversation today.

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