STEP 2 Integrated Learning Plan STEP 3 Customized Learning Content STEP 4 Deployment & Delivery STEP 5 Reports & Analytics STEP 1 Need Analysis

In-depth diagnostics to understand learning needs, learning objectives and learning themes, along with a probable mix of delivery channels.

  • Personal
  • Online
  • Focused Group
  • Competency
  • Industry
    Benchmarks Study
  • Organisation
    Literature Study

Detailed Program architecting to create customized learning plan for an integrated learning journey.

Customized learning content and a mix of delivery channels tailored to the specific needs of the learners and the business contexts.

Self-learning by watching, listening, reading (videos, audios, articles, eLearning, MOOCS)
Self-learning by doing (cases, activities, scenarios, assessments, simulations, games, quizzes)
Peer learning (group assignments, social learning, group projects, group discussions)
Facilitated Learning (training, coaching, mentoring – virtual/physical)

Learning program deployment and execution through the App as per the calendar ensuring healthy adoption rate.

Executing Learning plan as per the calendar
Mobile and web learning
Byte-sized and micro learning
Learning anywhere, anytime, any device

Real-time reports and analytics through in-built and customizable performance and progress dashboards and impact measures.

Track Program -
Progress and Engagement
Know real time
progress and engagement
of your learners
Track achievement
of your learners